Two Women Arrested, Animal Sacrifice

Sat, May 16, 2009


Two Women Arrested, Animal Sacrifice

Again, law enforcement are testing the boundaries of the protected act of animal sacrifice. As the news report belows details, two women were arrested for animal cruelty after they attempted to dispose of the bodies of chickens used in what may be a ritual (legally protected) sacrifice. What’s ┬ácurious is that the death of animals is not grounds for a charge of animal cruelty. Which makes it pretty transparent that they didn’t know what to charge these ladies with upon finding the animals. In other pending cases, we seen charges of endangering the health of the public, improper disposal etc. But this charge will probably not stick, but the judge will certainly fine them.

Again, R&R would remind all devotees of all traditional systems to be in favor with your respective Deities and mindful of laws regarding disposal of animals. The motives of some law enforcement officers and elected officials has less to do with animal or religious rights and more to do with getting rid of anything that doesn’t look like the status quo. Our prayers go out to the two women involved.


Two Bay Area women were arrested Thursday afternoon for felony animal cruelty in connection with the killing of four chickens in the Mill Valley area, Marin County Sheriff’s Office officials said.

Shantell Herndon, 29, of Berkeley, and Beverly Wheeler, 33, of San Francisco, posted $25,000 bail Thursday and will appear in court June 1, sheriff’s Sgt. Debra Barry said.

Four chickens, whose necks were cut, were found around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday in a drainage ditch at Fern Creek on property in the Marin Municipal Water District off Panoramic Highway west of the Throckmorton Ridge Fire Station, Barry said.

Evidence believed to be connected to the chicken killings was found in a 2008 Toyota Prius at the scene, Barry said. Herndon and Wheeler are associated with the Prius, Barry said. Sheriff’s deputies also found a knife.

Barry would not disclose what Wheeler and Herndon said to deputies or whether investigators believe the chicken slayings were part of a religious ritual. Animal sacrifice is practiced by some followers of the Santeria faith.

A felony animal cruelty charge carries a three-year maximum prison sentence, Marin County Deputy District Attorney Linda Witong said. The district attorney’s office is waiting for a report from the sheriff’s department, she said this morning

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  1. oddbutcomplete Says:

    ok… so don’t most people eat chicken? and mustn’t the chicken be killed before eaten? i’ll bet you a spiritual process isn’t done before an animal is slaughtered then sold to major food industries. ignorance is so disgusting.

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