Animal Sacrifice: Priests Only

Thu, Feb 12, 2009

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Animal Sacrifice: Priests Only

More and more westerners are tempted to duplicate or recreate the spiritual and religious rituals of indigenous people without proper instruction or thought to tradition. The most common explanation is that they are interested in the process but isolated or unable to travel to actual spiritual communities and Priests.
While it’s easy to sympathize with their situation, it’s important that we acknowledge that spirituality in Africa (Or Native America or India etc.) is not some haphazard process. Every ritual, every shrine, ever prayer, every dance, every musical rhythm has scientific purpose. For this reason, we must always practice these spiritual traditions in the manner in which they were intended – if we truly respect them and ourselves. In some cases, like drumming and dancing we can get away with moderate secular use. But even then there have been cases of spectators that go in possession or faint. The energy created by these activities is real – and it strong. In other instances, like using mantras, praise poems and prayers, we must be much more selective as their impact can be even more powerful. This short article is intended to provide some specific explanation of why animal sacrifice in particular must be done according to tradition. More to point it will provide some of the basic reasons that animal sacrifice in African spiritual systems (religions) requires Priestly Initiation.

  1. Animal sacrifice and animal slaughter (What your local butcher does) are not synonymous. During animal sacrifice a large build up and expenditure of energy occur. This energy is a culmination of both the Priest actions and the actual death.
  2. Initiation and training prepare the Priest’s body for the energy associated with Animal sacrifice.
  3. Animal sacrifice is requested by an African Deity or by an Ancestor. Training is required to determine verify the request has actually come and how it is to be honored.
  4. Divination is the most common way of determining if a Deity or Ancestor requires animal sacrifice. The kind of divination available to non-initiates will not address animal sacrifice. That is, it will refuse to accurately assess the need, prescribe a process or authorize the user to perform animal sacrifice.
  5. Not all animals are sacrificed in the same way. Sacrifice is in the words of Adefunmi “alchemy” and requires a certain set of circumstances, additional ingredients/tools/items to be deemed suitable by the Deity or Ancestor in question and effective (and safe). This information can only be obtained in two ways; (a) through Priestly initiation and training and/or (b) through heavy spiritual possession or dream state. But, the actual still can only be performed by someone who has been trained and sanctioned to do so.
  6. Sacrifice requires the tools or technique of a particular Deity or Ancestral Body. Some use knife, hands, feet, etc. Performing sacrifice incorrectly nullifies the efforts and can WORSEN situation, both for the person performing the act, those in close vicinity, the situation being addressed, even the people that are in the “neighborhood” while the mishandling is occurring.
  7. Deity and Ancestor require specific prayers for each type of sacrifice, circumstance and animal involved. These prayers (mantras, words of power) are not passed down to the non-initiated and many do not work when used by the non-initiated.
  8. The right to perform animal sacrifice is passed to some Priests via a special ritual. Some Priests do not have the right to perform animal sacrifice. Even those that do have to wait a period to adjust to other elements of their spiritual development and training before they can be chosen (not request) to be among those than can perform this important and powerful community task.
  9. Those that perform animal sacrifice must have a deeper understanding of Life than the general public. This understanding is not intellectual in nature.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider before considering and performing animal sacrifice. This highly specialized activity is passed down from Priest to Priest by spiritual and sometimes family lineage and takes years to perfect. While its function is clean, clear, elevate, push through and protect, in the wrong hands animal sacrifice like any other African ritual, can have disasterous effects in the hands of the untrained.

When we are truly interested in the healing power of African spirituality we should seek genuine spiritual communities and Priests…and we should be willing to look and wait for however long it takes so that we can be guaranteed proper care. This is, in part, why its called the spiritual journey.

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  1. hs Says:

    Very confused about this. First, when you say african religion, which religion are you talking about? Aren’t there hundreds of different religions all throughout africa? And the idea of animal sacrfice to me is, well, archaic, and unnecessary. I’d love to learn more about it and exactly which african religion you’re talking about, but why would I take another life if I don’t have to? Unless I’m going to consume and use every usable part of the animal so that they won’t have died in vain. Also when you talk about spiritual possesion I have to ask, how would one know if these are of a good or bad nature?

  2. Admin Says:

    You are looking to the internet to give you inner access. lol This is not possible. You are using a western mind to analyze animal sacrifice. This is ineffective. If you think it is unnecessary, then there is no African religion that suits your needs. None. It would be an incredible waste of time to justify or explain. Spiritual science is just that. If you would see it in action, see it outcomes, you would have no questions.

    There are several underlying principles which connect and fuel all African religions, thus it is appropriate to use this general designation to explain universal concepts throughout.

    We do not discuss the methods of spiritual possession, nor how to determine “who” or “what” is present with non-devotees. But I will tell you this as food for thought: The energy typically call the “Holy Ghost” in churches, is anything but. It is in fact something different every single time. Why? Because the church has no science by which it calls and confirms spirits. Trust me the exact opposite is true of African systems. We always know “who” or “what”.

  3. Samuel Says:

    My name is Samuel. My email address is:

    I had hoped to post some threatening hogwash about Jesus and try to assault your sensibilities as well as your right to worship God as you see fit. Even though you never come to Christian websites trying to do the same. In fact, I wanted to emphasize that I am Nigerian and have completely abandoned my own culture and Ancestors in favor of the religion of slavery. But the webmaster just wasn’t having it. Feel free to email me about the nonsensical choices I’ve made in life. I deserve it.

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