Santeria: Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

Wed, Sep 24, 2008


Santeria: Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

Santeria is in the news again. This time because a woman named Michelle Wood, who had been kidnapped and held against her will, told Police that her abductors “had” to be from her old Santeria Voodoo Church. By the way, what the heck is a Santeria Voodoo Church? I’ve never heard of one, seen one or knew such a thing existed, seeing that Santeria and Voodoo are two separate traditions.

On Monday, Sept. 22, Ms. Wood was found lying beside the road in the 9100 block of U.S. 1 South. She had been beaten, was covered in blood and still showed the remnants of having been tied up. She told the police that five men (whom at this point she is claiming to not know) stopped her on Saturday, Sept. 20th, put a gun to her head and then drove to a home in Bunnell (yeah, they kidnapped her, but let her see where she was going) and led her into a house where a “drug party” was going on. (No, I really have no idea what a drug party is, I am just reporting the news folks. lol)

This is where it gets really interesting. When she got there, she was shown a tied up teen and told to cooperate with anything that was asked of her, if she wanted this minor to stay safe. (Again, she claims to not know the teen.) Then she claims that the Santeria Voodoo folks made her engage in a satanic ritual. (Yeah, I know that Santeria and Voodoo have nothing to do with the Devil. Again, I just report the news folks.)

She says that on Sunday she managed to escape, only to be caught again while on the run, and thrown in the back up an SUV. About 40 minutes later she found herself in a field, where people were preparing a campfire for the Autumn Equinox. (Again, I only know a HANDFUL of Santeros that actually acknowledge the Equinox, much less set up a public ceremony for it.) According to her, she had been brought there because “her presence was needed”. Aaah, okay.

She doesn’t say if she was drugged, blacked out or was knocked out, but she remembers awakening in the woods, tied up and afraid. Unbeknownst to her captors, she had a pocket knife (yep, I had the same reaction of disbelief) in her pocket and she cut her ropes and guess what she did after that? She used her cell phone to dial 911. Apparently kidnappers now allow individuals to keep their cell phones. Maybe it has something to do with not wanting her to lose their minutes at the end of the month. (It couldn’t be any more ridiculous than letting a victim keep a pocket knife and cell phone.)

According to the police Ms. Wood said “she was once a member of a Santeria Voodoo group and she believes some of her attackers were members of that group.” Now note the language. She didn’t say she KNOWS or can IDENTIFY any of the members of this strange new “church” called Santeria Voodoo. She said she believes there are members of the church. That’s about the same as saying “probably” or “I think” or “I really need you to believe this story because the alternate one might land my butt in jail.”

So, you’d think with a story this flimsy that the media and the police might show a little skepticism. Maybe call around or contact some experts on the matter. Well, the Sheriff Offices of Flager County and St. Johns County had this to say:

“The report, again, speaks volumes about what occurred and, obviously, it does involve some cult stuff,” SJCSO Sgt. Chuck Mulligan said on Tuesday. “Flagler county deputies will be looking into that to decide what happens to this lady.”

Wow. Is it just me, or does this sound an episode of the Keystone Cops? Or is this just your typical racist and stereotypical view of Traditional African Religion? (If we’re accused we must be guilty?)

Did I mention that Ms. Michelle Wood was once forced to seek mental health services? That means she was ordered by a judge in a court proceeding to get checked out. Hmmm..

Everyone, please contact these folks and tell them just how far off the mark they are:

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