Tribute to Olokun by Baba Bob Harms

Thu, May 8, 2008

Elders, Traditional Afrikan

Alafia gbogbo Omo Olokun, Oni Yemaya and Iworo,

December 8th was chosen by our ancestors who established the Lukumi tradition as the day they gave special honors to the great diety, lord of the unknown, lord of the mysteries which lies at the bottom of the sea, lord of riches, administrator of souls on their way to Orun, provider of fertility to the barren, Olokun.

Moforibale today. tommorow and always to our ancestors, who established and maintained the cult of Olokun in Cuba in such a way that today, the world over, we may tap into the Ache of this great diety for our comfort and well being, as well as the well being of our godchildren.

In Havana:
Eño Remigio Herera, Baba Adesina, Ibae Panchita Herera, Atibola, Ibae Josefa Herera, Echu Bi Yenye T’olokun, Ibae Eworio Rodriguez (Tata Gaitan), Apari B’ofa , Ibae Teresa Conde, Irelu, Ibae Eño Filomeno Garcia, Atanda Falubi, Ibae Yemayada Ogun Nike, Ibae Panchita Cardenas, Ibae Dominga Albear, Ade Osun, Ibae

In Matanzas:
Monserate Gonzalez, Obatero, Ibae Ferminta Gomez, Ocha Bi, Ibae *Celestina Torriente, Obalufandei, Ibae *Concepcion Torriente, Omi Okukokulorun, Ibae *Celestina Gomez, Cgango L’ade, Aracelia Gomez, Ayabunmi, Ibae *Conchita Gomez, Oni Yemaya, Ibae *Elena Gomez, Oshun Wade, Ibae *Olsebio Torriente, Oni Yemaya, Ibae (*= All daughters and sons of of Ferminta Gomez, Ocha Bi, who kept the Ache of Olokun and passed it on to us all today)

May the inhabitants of Orun bless them today, tommorow and always!

On this day I would like also to salute all the children of Olokun and all the ones who has received this Orisha “adimu”, wishing you all peace, good health, abundance and the good things life brings with it. May Olokun unveil all the obstacles which may lie in our paths and guides us all to our destiny, in this life and beyond.

Bob Harms Omo Olokun Oni Yemaya Olomide

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  1. Arroyo Says:

    God be with you…I ask about how to take care of Olokum, because i had a falling out with the person who did the ceremony for me and i was never given the information needed to properly take care of him/her. Olokum was never entered into my house the proper way either and i want to fix things cause things are really bad financially. i’m not saying the saint is at fault, i just want to do things the correct way. I’ve wasted alot of time in learning what God wants me to do and i believe Olokum can help me with that as well…Arroyo

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