Animal Cruelty or Catholic Insecurities?

Thu, Aug 28, 2008

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Well, the authorities are at it again. A Westchester man and his son have been charged with animal cruelty associated with the housing of several farm animals. Apparently, the death of two out of the 200 animals has created a cause for concern. This is interesting considering way more animals die on regular farms from disease, drugs, and living conditions.

It’s also very interesting that the police have called in The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), an organization that especially biased and intolerant towards African Religions, to help with the investigation. The SPCA makes no secret that it wants the federal government to create a law to violate our consitutional rights by making it illegal to sacrifice animals - with a particular emphasis on African Religions.

Greenburgh Father, Son Charged With Animal Cruelty

GREENBURGH, N.Y. (CBS) ― It was an odd find at a tidy Westchester home. In and around a backyard pen police discovered a veritable farm menagerie.

Thirty young goats and rams, crates jam-packed with chickens, pigeons, and other birds were found. In all, more than 200 animals were collected for a Santeria ritual religious slaughter.

“[I have] nothing against the religion, it’s just that when you look at a bunch of animals in the condition these were when they were found, it’s just wrong,” said Ken Ross, of the SPCA.

Police acknowledge it is not illegal to sacrifice animals for religious reasons, such as Santeria rituals, but the animals must be cared for properly prior to slaughter.

Homeowner Luis Perez Hernandez was charged with keeping farm animals in a residential zone.

Hernandez and his son were also charged with animal cruelty after investigators found a dead goat and a dead pigeon in the cages that were sacrificed.

The homeowner’s daughter denies the animals were mistreated prior to the planned sacrifice.

“To find one pigeon and one goat dead, that could have been the rain, could have been the weather, could have been anything,” Stephanie Perez said.

Neighbors find the whole thing strange, but one woman didn’t want to pass judgment.

“I’m a Catholic, plain Catholic and I don’t believe in this,” said Aida Lopez. “If somebody does it, they have their ways, whatever they do they do, but they kept it very quiet.”

Instead of being slaughtered, the farm animals were returned to the dealer who sold them in New Jersey.

The SPCA is still investigating the circumstances of the case.

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