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Tue, Jul 8, 2008

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In the 90s Ausar Auset Society was easily one of the fastest growing African spiritual communities in the world. Led by Shekem Ur Shekem Ra Un Nefer Amen, the group heralded in the most accurate and legitimate Kemetic [Classical African] spiritual system outside of the remaining Nubians of Egypt.

Founded in the 70s, and passing all the basic qualifications of a true African religion (Priestly Initiation, Deity and Ancestral Possession, accurate and unique Divination System,  effective ritual system, evidence of advance Spiritual Sciences) Ausar Auset Society provided a real alternative for those that either had no access or yearned something different that Traditional African Religion. For those efforts, Ausar Auset Society is well known among spiritual elders and major political figures in Africa. I have personally witnessed the efficacy and authenticity of Ausar Auset Society and attribute my participation in Orisa’Ifa to a wonderful divination reading I received from an Ausar Auset priest in the late 80s. Like many others I found the late night rituals, meditation tapes, learning how to use the Oracle cards and participation in the study circles to be of great importance to my development as a spiritualist and pan-African. Tuau!

Although a rash of copy caters and academics pushed Kemetic culture into ‘fad status’ by the early 2000s Ausar Auset Society is still alive and strong and providing opportunities for spiritual evolution for its members. Knowing all that Ausar Auset has accomplished, it is easy to understand why it is set apart from other Kemetic “communities” which exist mainly as intellectual or theatrical attempts at resurrecting Kemetic culture among African people today. The Shepsu are proud indeed.

For this reason I am happy to relay that Metu Neter Vol. 3 is finally available. At present it can only be bought directly be bought Ausar Auset’s merchant site, Taui Enterprises or here at Roots and Rooted. If you’ve read the first and second volumes and begun to successfully implement the directives found in each, I strongly encourage this purchase.

Metu Neter Vol. 3. Success through spiritual means is the essence of spirituality as far as life on earth is concerned. We all know that however useful it is to cultivate our earthly resources – education, financial know-how, contacts, credentials, etc. – they are not enough. We were given a great resource – the power of the Spirit. In Metu Neter Volume 3 – The Key to Miracles, Ra Un Nefer Amen – the world’s leading author on Kamitic Spiritual science – guides you step by step in the science of uniting with God and developing your divinity as the key to success in life. Because the system relies heavily on the great oracle of Kamit – the Metu Neter – you will also acquire the ability to coach others to acquire the skills of living as God intended – relying on the power of the Spirit – the miracle worker in us.

OlOrisa Olokuntogun


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  1. Cheryl Johnson Says:

    Looking for Ausar Ausar Study Group in Dallas-Ft Worth Area to practice with.
    Please e-mail location information.
    Hetep, Hrah Sh Ama Am Sa

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