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Sun, Jul 6, 2008

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A Japanese researcher named Dr. Masaru Emoto is scientifically proving that water carries and transmits emotions. He has also begun to build a case for why humans (who are more than 60% water) and the Earth (which is covered in 70%) are too affected by emotions, whether they be expressed or just thought. In his work he is encouraging people to guard not only their actions, but to be more reserved in their thoughts, as these too create positive and negative reactions.

In his studies he took bottles of distilled water, labeled them and froze them. They photographed and studied the crystallization patterns that formed in the water. Here some of the results.

Photographs of Crystallized Water labelled with Various Messages

Power of Word

In the Yoruba Tradition, we have what we call “Ofo Ase” or Words of Power, in the Hindu tradition these are called Mantras. In other spiritual systems [words that carry spiritual and emotional weight] are called Incantations, and although the term is sometimes derogatory, spells.

Ofo Ase are words that have been cultivated and perfected over many centuries to have the maximum effect up a person, event and period of time. While “thank you” may or may not have come spiritual shamans of various cultures, but more likely developed as a common community word, it has generated power over time because so many people use it and understand it as an honest expression of gratitude. All common phrases of courtesy generate positive forces around you, when used consistently. So now we know why the Kemetic (Egyptian) initiates said, “Speak Truth” and in the Yoruba tradition we say, “display Iwa-Pele” (Gentle Character, which begins with soft and careful speech). Watching what we say, think and do can and will affect not only you, but also other people and even the environment around you.

The concept of Ofo Ase also helps us to understand that we have some ability to define and re-define reality. Most of the world is resentful about poverty, suspicious of their neighbor, angry over work conditions and miserable in their relationships. As a society we have lowered our standards of morality, making drug dealing, lying, adultery, murder, laziness and sexual depravity more common occurrences. We have created a reality defined by self-preservation at the expense of self-awareness and spiritual evolution. Most often we blame those that have more power, money and sex appeal for the condition of the world, as we are simply trying to keep up by any ends available- but we fail to realize that we possess more numbers that those that muscle us, thus our positive words, thoughts and actions are greater than theirs when applied without doubt! That is, if we choose to create Ase (Power) in a positive way, every day, in every occasion, even when we would rather not do so, we can conquer evil, confusion, hate and greed. But we must believe that we can. In fact we must be willing to practice this mode of thinking even if we are not certain that it works. We must take a step out on faith.

Emoto’s work also confirms the principles of Holistic Health; that all that we know spiritually has an emotional and scientific basis too, if we search long enough and with an open mind.

In fact, the whole purpose of all of this is keep an open and positive mind – this is the first key to mastery of Self and as the first key in Social Justice or balance.

As a side note, we understand that if simply labeling a bottle of water changes it composition or character, then pollution must have an even greater effect on water. So we must support water quality research and practice environmentally friendly living.

Spiritual Exercise: Blessing Your Own Water

Buy a bottle of purified or distilled water. Sitting in a chair or on the floor, place the water container in front of you. Pray for 5 minutes over the water everyday. Pray for the water to be the embodiment of healing power, love and new beginnings. Pray that the water be have the ability to wash away negative feelings. Only pray for the water. Only pray for good things. Don’t wander off and pray for things “not to happen” or “not to be in the water”. Only pray for things or power that “will be present” in the water. Do this every day for nine days.

On the tenth day, pour a glass of the water, say your daily prayers (for yourself, not the water) and be sure to mention your self, spouse, children, family, ethnic group and homeland. Pour some on the floor for the ancestors, then the Orisa (or the divinity you worship), and then drink the bulk of the water ingesting the power energy that you have cultivated in it.

Take note of any changes that you notice immediately. Now watch over the next couple of days any changes in your life, health or in how you treat others or how they treat you. Drink some of the water each day for ten days (praying for yourself, not the water at this point). Make sure to say your prayers every day. And make sure to watch for signs of the water being empowered for healing each day. If you see nothing, don’t panic or doubt. Simply reword your prayers and start the cycle over again.

Keep a bottle of water that you refill every month and that you never allow to run out. Continue your water prayers and offer this water to yourself or others when sickness, doubt, depression, anger, confusion, embarrassment, or hate arrives. You don’t have to make a big production of it. Simply carry a water bottle to their home, pour yourself and them a glass and drink up, suggesting that you prefer bottled water to tap. Always observe your results. Try to maintain a supply of water that has had a minimum of 5 months prayers said over it. Feel free to pray over a few water containers at a time. The idea is to have your own personal batch of “holy” water when you need it.

Remember to set aside your doubts. If you feel yourself doubting the process, continue and try to focus on positive thoughts. Write your water prayer down if that helps keep you focused.

Here is a sample prayer:
Water comes from the Creator. It is clean, it purifying, it is Life.
I ask that this water be filled with Life.
That it be pure like white cloth,
Strong like the evening tide in affecting my thoughts and health.
Be filled with strength. Be filled with Love.
A thousand “Thank you’s” for your healing powers.
A million “I love you’s” for carrying God’s message of flexibility in life.
Be filled with abundance and prosperity.
Be filled with patience and thoughtfulness.Remind me to be kind. Remind me to be generous.
May this water be empowered to quench my emotional, physical and spiritual thirst.

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  1. Michelle Says:

    Thank you for your inspiring and thought provoking post. It was quite refreshing and a pleasant change from the typical post we find on the internet of 7 simple steps to improving your well being!

    With your permission I would like to re-post your article and share it with my readers……I think they would benefit greatly from your insight as well as the references you made in your post. Drop me a note and let me know your thoughts.

    An excellent book to further the discussion regarding the effect emotions have on our bodies is Candice Pert’s book, Molecules of Emotion:The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine.

    Stay Well and Healthy,

  2. Laura Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful ritual & article. I’m not a devotee, but I find that these rituals are helping me in my journey to make a closer relationship with the Creator.

  3. Ciana Says:

    So what you are saying is that these chemicals in the water we drink gives us certain types of emotions. But I want to know if you need to have an effect before you drink the water? Hmm.

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