Miami Herald Rooster? Funny, Offensive or Complimentary of the Orisa?

Fri, Jun 13, 2008


Miami Herald Rooster? Funny, Offensive or Complimentary of the Orisa?

I found a story circulating among Miami based journalists. Apparently, many think the jobs of Miami Herald employees are in jeopardy. So they now have a toy rooster set up where people can make offerings to keep their jobs. Among the items left, one used battery, random brochures, medication, madi gras beads and a plastic container of sweet and sour sauce left over from a meal.

A note is pinned to it, claiming that is was brought in by a real Orisa Priest. I have no way of confirming or denying that. The most troubling parts may be some of the comments left by journalists on the net. It’s almost as if its a game to them.

Here is the content of the original story I found. Sources to several articles can be found at the end of this post.


Still no word on newsroom layoffs or buyouts at the Miami Herald a day after a top McClatchy executive visited and met with Herald brass.

However it appears that some in the newsroom can’t wait any longer for word from the executive suite.

They’ve turned to a higher authority for help.

A newsroom source reports that someone has left a large life-size replica of a rooster on a counter in the fifth floor newsroom that’s visible to all who enter from a bank of elevators. My source says from 20 feet away the bird looks very real.

A sign attached to the rooster reads: “Brought in by a Santeria priest (the real deal from Hialeah) to help save our jobs. Leave an offering.”

As of 5pm, the counter on which the 20-inch tall colorful rooster stands was littered with an assortment of tributes including coins of all denominations, two wrapped cigars, a half-smoked hand-rolled cigar from Little Havana, a tiny plastic doll with a sign that says: “Feed the niños,” a Virgin de Guadalupe candle and what appears to be a plastic “dashboard Jesus.”

Sources: Daily Pulp, Herald WatchRandom Pixels and Loose Talk

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