History of Ra Un Nefer Amen I and Ausar Auset Society International

Sun, Jun 8, 2008

Classical Afrikan, Elders

Ra un Nefer Amen is Chief Priest of the Ausar Auset Society which is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York and has chapters in nearly every major city throughout the U.S. and several cities internationally. In 1985, his excellency Ra Un Nefer Amen I was enstooled as a Paramount King (Omanhene) and co-ruler of the Agogo state in Ghana, West Africa by Agogohene Nana Kwame Akuoko Sarpong. Also presented to him was the Epoh Stool, indicating his role as a leader of the Ashanti region of Ghana, West Africa.

Perhaps the only progenitor of Kemetic/Egyptian spirituality that is recognized on the continent of Africa as genuine and properly sanctioned by Kemetic ancestry, Ausar Auset Society has gown primarily due to its teachings of holistic heath, which include vegetarianism and Amen’s books on spirituality, Metu Neter Vol. 1 & 2. According to the Society, Nile Valley Mall, Inc., operated the first health food stores in America to sell homeopathic remedies, beginning in 1979 and introduced contemporaries to Echinacea.

The Ausar Auset Society is a Pan African Religious organization founded in 1973. As Legend would have it, Ra Un Nefer Amen developed a congenial relationship with Oba Adefunmi and began to consult the Ifa Oracle through the Oba for the purpose of organizing the spiritual experiences and messages he was clearly receiving from the Spiritual realm. Those consultations shaped some early organizational structure and comparative religious studies that resulted in the Society. Again, as legend would have it, a small group of Orisa priests (Ol’Orisa) were beseeched by Kemetic Sheps (Ancestors) to assist Amen in the establishment of what most consider the only legitimate revival of Egyptian spirituality outside of the relatively underground Nubian community that survives in North Africa. They helped develop and train the core group of original Society priests. Prior to this tradition, some say that Ra Un Nefer Amen was the former head of the Rosicrucian Anthroposophical League.

Amen is preferably referred to as Shekem Ur Shekem (King of Kings) or Ashem Ur Ashem (Chief Priest of Priest), both are traditional titles give to King-Priest in ancient Kemetic cultures. He was raised in San Miguel, Panama but later moved to the U.S. where he studied classical music and became an accomplished pianist and composer. He later passed on a life in the music industry to focus on more spiritual and culturally fulfilling endeavors.

Ausar Auset Society International
Nile Valley Mall / Khamit Publications Inc. (Actual Headquarters Site)
Ausar Auset Society Washington, DC
Ausar Auset Society, MD
Ausar Auset Society of Chicago
Ausar Auset Society of Milwaukee, WI
Ausar Auset Society of New Jersey
Ausar Auset Society of Atlanta, GA
Ausar Auset Society Philadelphia, PA
Ausar Auset Society – West Coast Region
Ausar Auset Society. Orlando Study Group
Ausar Auset Society of Trinidad and Tobago
Ausar Auset Society Europe

Metu Neter World – Community Forum of Ausar Auset Society (closed)

NOTE: This site is not owned by Ausar Auset Society. Please direct all inquiries about temples, divination consultations and study groups to one of the sites listed above. We are providing an UNOFFICIAL biography of Ra Un Nefer Amen and the AAS, as tribute. This information was compiled from various stories and accounts from members of the ATR community, and may differ from other accounts. Again, foward all your questions directly to a priest or member of AAS.

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  1. Mustafa Rasul Shaka Zaimah Says:

    Trying to find your TAROT CARDS to The METU NETER VOL I book

  2. admin Says:

    Keep in mind, Metu Neter doesn’t use Tarot Cards. Tarot does NOT communicate with Ancestors or Deities. The Metu Neter Oracle does.

  3. Ra-akhu Ensehusih Says:

    Hetep my Brothers & Sisters

    It is so good and refreshing to see this web page so well orgainize.
    I have been a follower of Ausar Auset socity for 9 years now. When I discover this afro-centric spirtual system in 1999 it spoke directly to my African soul. I was in federal prison at the time for drug dealing.
    sentence to 7 1/2 years for conspircy. Since then You have been my rock & my foundation. Please lets stay in touch because my story/journey to Ausar Ausar Society. I live in Chicago Il. at this time. I hope to hear from you soon.

    I leve you in Hotep and love. Ra-akhu Ensehusih

  4. Noble Ausar Says:

    Is there an Ausar-Auset Society in denver Colorado?

  5. Admin Says:

    I’m not sure. You should contact one of the communities listed in the Temple Directory. They will know for sure. There may be a “study group” at minimum.

  6. Amakaita Says:

    i am looking to see if you all have a branch in New Jersey. The site in NJ was not accessible. Where can I go and find the NJ location?

  7. Admin Says:

    If you don’t see a temple in your area, contact the next closest and ask for additional help.

  8. SHAI RaAKHU Says:




  9. hs Says:

    I was told it cost 300 to be apart of the society. im not downing it, im just asking. and i come from a christian background but had many doubts when i finally came across the society. i would go the nutrition classes and some of the tree of life teachings. i feel that i greatly benefitted from it, i even had a divination reading, but i just could not get over the whole “oracle” thing. it just didnt make sense to me that pulling a card was going to have some spiritual message that was from God. Since all of the principles represented on the card are seem to be positive then i mean, how could u go wrong no matter what you pick? also, people charge for the readings. i was always told that if you have a spiritual gift (to do readings) that its really not cool to charge money for that. i don’t know. any comments?

  10. bilal Says:

    hi i am trying to find the chanting tapes or cds to your book could you pease inform

  11. Admin Says:

    To “my book”? Roots and Rooted publishes no book (as of yet). You are referring to the Metu Neter. Please be advised, the page clearly states that Roots and Rooted is in no way affiliated with Ausar Auset, Ra Un Nefer Amen or the Metu Neter. We pay tribute. We do sell some of their spiritual items. For a complete list please go to our store or use the links on this page to go directly to Ausar Auset’s store.

    Please all – read the page completely – before sending emails or making inquiries. We honor Ausar Auset for their contributions. But we are not Ausar Auset. It says so very clearly.

    Be well and good luck on your spiritual journey.

  12. Admin Says:

    Okay, I’ve been through all your comments. They seems tad negative…and generally inaccurate. $300 to be a part of what? Ausar Auset? You are incorrect.

  13. rafik Says:

    Greetings I had a question about the last paragraph in the history of brotha shekem . They said he was head of the rosicrucian anthroposophical league. Is that a fact? Or legend? A close friend and teacher ,told me he was corresponding with the rosicrucians in the 70′s they wanted him to become a member until they met him and found out he was a black man , from what I understand now , they accept all people no matter what nationality .

  14. Admin Says:

    You’d have to ask Shekem Ur Shekem or one of the priests of AAS.

  15. Future Says:

    OH MY
    I am without words. I am often possesed ( for lack of a better word) by my ancestors and I’ve never heard the tongue before. I came to this site today and heard the priest speaking this language. It is much like mines when they come into me.

    I thank you for this site and this share……

    Hotep Gods

  16. Agwambo Odera Says:

    Greetings from East Afreeka. I managed to access Metu Neter part 2 and am so high. We need to get this material on the ground.How can we contact Ra Un Amen?

    Agwambo Odera

  17. Admin Says:

    Go to top of website and view the Temple Directory. Contact Information for Ausar Auset/Ra Un Nefer Amen is there.

  18. Nicole Lindsey Says:

    I am really trying to reach the Ausar Auset Society of Washington, DC but the website is not working.

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