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Sat, Jan 1, 2005

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Terms of Use/Copyright Statement

Due to theft of our content by we have an updated terms policy, as of Jan 1. 2005.

By using this site you agree:

  • a link to this terms of use agreement will be available on every page of the site. it is the duty of visitors and registered members to read it.
  • you have no right to recopy or redistribute any portion of this site for any reason. you understand that we do not and will not ever give license to quote our site. this extends to both electronic and hard copy mediums.
  • you will be sued if you reprint, quote, redistribute or reuse anything on this site.
  • you may print out 1 copy of an article for use in religious discussion with a priest.
  • you may not make duplicates of that copy, even in group discussion situations.
  • if it takes longer than 1 month to get you to remove one of our articles from your site, we will post your contact info for the general public to view permanently.
  • copying or failing to remove material owned by Roots and Rooted will make you liable for financial damages, present and anticipated, and you agree to reimburse us for all legal fees associated with protecting our intellectual property.
  • in additional to financial liability you understand that copyright infringement leaves you vulnerable to criminal laws at the local, state, federal and international level.
  • news outlets, independent journalists and bloggers agree that all aspects of this agreement apply.

If you do not agree to these conditions, please leave our site by clicking here.

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Anne Marie Greymoon Says:

    I love your website, it is so richly informative, I wanted my facebook friends to be able to find it, this is why I posted a link to it…I wanted to know if this is ok since I read your pop-up after the fact
    and also, I wanted to know if we could post a link to your site on our website which is an annual Pagan Festival occuring in Ontario, Canada
    Thank you

  2. Admin Says:

    We prefer to not be affiliated or mention in conjunction with any Wiccan or Pagan traditions or practices. We oppose the intermingling of European-neopagan traditions and African spiritual sciences.

    Our Ancestors do not view this intermingling as harmonious, complementary or allied.

  3. R Lebron Says:

    I am trying to write a reference guide to 40 world religions to bring people closer together. I have used some of the information on your site to teach others about African Traditional Religious faith practices and beliefs.

    Even though I have spent two years combining information from different web sites, the publisher is concerned about copyright infringement. Can you please let me know if there is a problem. I would be more than happy to send the chapter on your particular denomination if you require it.

    R. Lebron

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