Tiger’s Eye no.2

Thu, May 8, 2008


familiarity is enticing
even if it is hazardous.
it eggs us to continue
putrid lifestyles
that do not suit growth, liberation
or respect for Divine Will.

it is the seesaw of
depending where and IF we
apply weight.
it is the only obstacle to freedom.

excusing well-worn rallies
together, there is a tomorrow
without addiction, hesitation
or abuse.
this is our world as much
as anyone
to change, revise
of it’s effects
on first world economies
killer religions
and status quo.

defecting does not have to be
a dirty thought
more a right!
patriotism is for good valleys
yet to come
and must be constantly monitored
regarded as precious as gold
holy as our Gods.

as long as Lakota cry Sudanese die
and Zanj are fading memories
we drink slavery’s drug
apt to repeat madness.
inclined to walk like black aberrations in white face.

-Olokuntogun Ifasehun Ojedele

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