Tue, Apr 22, 2008


Religions that orchestrated slavery
Fathers of holy crusades and jihads
Look upon my affection for Olokun
With contempt and arrogance.

Yet they are:
Converters fond of swords
Inciting with salvation and hell-bound hysteria.
Either/or, with us/against us strategy.
Referring to faithful devotees as
Devil worshippers
When the wars of the world
Lay on THEIR heads.

Never did we send missionaries to your lands
To convince you of your woeful state
Trading companies that traded nothing
Only siphoning every resource of dollar worth
Nor soldiers with bloody eyes to cart you away.
Though your lifewalk
Is one cover in demons
We never cursed your choices.

Even now, we smile to see some of yours
Finally swingin limbs
To capoeira and yoga
Delighting to find you seeking insightful
Ancestral communion
And making offerings to Nature.
Laughing when you speak of it all
As new.

Proclaiming discovery again.

This is what we offered at the coasts
Of Hispianola, the borders of the Sudan,
Outside the temples of Egypt.
-before you loaded your guns
and perched your bibles and Korans high;
using shackles like handshakes.

We remember in bondage serving Portuguese princes
And Arabic sheiks.
a brainwashing taking hold
now, seeing our own countrymen fight
for the interests of your gods and lands.

We say ever so gently

We did not know who the devil was
Until we met you.

-Olokuntogun Ifasehun Ojedele

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