Ifa Reading of the Year, Oke Itase, Ile-Ife Nigeria on June 5, 2010

Ifa of the Year for all Ifa/Orisa practitioners all over the world was revealed at Oke Itase, Ile-Ife on the 5th of June, 2010.

Ifa says that it foresees ayewo of arun (Affliction). For the first time in so many years, Ifa of the year fails to foresee ire. The significance of this is that extra caution needs to be taken in handling our day to day affairs this year. Ifa however recommends for every devotee to propitiate his/her Ori with one guinea fowl and palm oil. Instead of using water, palm oil is to be used. Water is not to be used at all. There is also the need for every one of us to propitiate our ancestors as appropriate.

The Arun which Ifa refers to has a lot to do with man-woman relationship. The types of arun which Ifa is referring to include sexually transmitted diseases, emotional trauma resulting from disappointments, failure of relationships, deceit, infidelity and separations. There is also the need for men to take good care of their sexual potency in order not to record failure with their loved ones. The ebo for this is either a rooster or a matured he-goat.

Main messages:

1.Ifa says it foresees recognition, honor, victory and dignity for Ifa and Orisa devotees this year. Ifa says that our efforts in the communities, groups, environments, countries and even in the world at large shall not only be recognized, they shall also be rewarded. Ifa advises each and every one of us to offer ebo with two ducks, two pigeons and money. Each person also needs to feed his/her Orisa/Irunmole with plenty of black eyed peas. On this, Ifa says:

E je wele muke-muke-muke

E je wele

Dia fun Ose

Ti won o mu joye Oloba

Ebo ni won ni ko waa se

O gbebo, o rubo

A m’Ose j’Oloba lonii o

E je wele muke-muke-muke

E je wele


E je wele muke-muke-muke

E je wele

Consume black-eyed peas to your satisfaction

This was the Ifa message for Ose

The one that would be installed as the king of Oba town

He was advised to offer ebo

He complied

We have installed Ose as Oloba (king of Oba) today

E je wele muke-muke-muke

E je wele

Consume black-eyed peas to your satisfaction

2.Ifa advises all devotees to offer ebo with four rats, four fish, two pigeons, two hens, two guinea fowls, two roosters and money. We also need to procure itoo melons to cook plenty of snails and shea butter for Obatala; use the same itoo melons to cook dried fish for Osun; use itoo melon to cook guinea fowl for Ifa; use itoo melon to cook rooster for Egungun; use itoo melon to cook beef for all the other Irunmole/Orisa. Ifa assures all Irunmole/Orisa devotees that if these can be done, there is no ire of life that any of the devotees will lack. On these, Ifa says:

Ose bara mu ta

Dia fun won ni Ibarapa

Omo afitoo bo ohun gbogbo nitori ire gbogbo

Ebo ni won ni ki won waa se

Won gbebo, won rubo

Ko pe, ko jinna

E wa ba ni ba jebutu ire gbogbo


Ose bara mu ta (alias of an Awo)

He cast Ifa for the inhabitants of Ibarapa

Those who use itoo melon to propitiate all deities for the attainment of all ire of life

They were advised to offer ebo

They complied

Before long, not too far

Join us in the midst of all ire

3.Ifa says that all devotees shall succeed together with their friends and loved ones this year. Ifa says that the degree of success will depend entirely on their level of devotion to the cause of the Irunmole/Orisa. It goes without saying therefore that Ifa expects each and every one of us to work harder than ever before in order to improve our ratings in the sight of the divinities. Ifa advises each individual to look for his/her best friend in order to feed their Ori together. Ifa does not allow an individual to feed his/her Ori alone. Propitiation materials: one guinea fowl for each person, palm oil, kolanuts, bitterkola, gin excluding water. On this, Ifa says:

Ose bula lago

Dia fu Ina

Tii s’akogun Olodumare

Ebo ni won ni ko se

O gbebo, o rubo

Bi ipori ina ba gbepo je

Iwa a re a si goke


Ose bula lago

He cast Ifa for Ina, fire

The head warrior of Olodumare

He was advised to offer ebo

He complied

If palm oil is added to fire

His destiny will rise up more prominently

4.Ifa says that all the weak, defenseless and helpless people shall be given the protection of Olodumare this year. Ifa warns all oppressors to desist from their nefarious acts in order not to incur the wrath of Olodumare. Ifa advises all oppressed to offer ebo with either one rooster or one he-goat and money. Each person also needs to offer ebo with two round wooden basins of about 40cm in diameter each. On this, Ifa says:

Ose babaaba

Obara babaaba

Okunrin babaaba leyin efon

A ri baba a se bi Eegun ni

Dia fun Alabahun Ajapa

Omo arinlosin, omo agbenu opon yan

Ebo ni won ni ko se

Esu lo so Alabahun di apata

Esu lo so Alabahun di oko


Ose babaaba, the sturdy Ose

And equally powerful Obara

A strong and powerful in hot pursuit behind a buffalo

We saw an old man and mistook him for an Egungun, the ancestor

Ifa cast for Alabahun Ajapa, the tortoise

He who walks majestically and resides inside covered basis

He was advised to offer ebo

He complied

It is Esu Odara who turned Alabahun Ajapa into a solid rock

It is also Esu Odara who turned Alabahun into granite

The story: Hitherto Alabahun Ajapa, the tortoise and all his children were being picked for consumption by all the birds. There was nothing that Alabahun Ajapa could do to protect himself and his family against the activities of the bird. Tired of this type of living, Alabahun went to a Babalawo for Ifa consultation in the home of the Awo mentioned above. He was advised to offer ebo as stated above together with all the members of his family. He complied. After this, the officiating Awo placed Alabahun Ajapa in between the two wooden basins, his limbs, head and anus were given space to come out and go inside the basins. Esu Odara glued the rest together. From that day henceforth, Alabahun ajapa was given protection against all the birds. Any bird that attempted to eat Alabahun Ajapa will have its beak broken to pieces.

5.Ifa says that those in helpless positions, especially financial helplessness, shall be raised up and be removed from their position of helplessness and be financially empowered. Ifa says that many devotees who find themselves in position of want shall have cause to be grateful to Olodumare because they will be moved to the position of abundance this year. Ifa advises each of such people to offer ebo with two pigeons, honey and money. On this, Ifa says:

Ose nii segi ninu igbo

Olobara ni nhokun lodan

Dia fun Moja

Tii seru Alake

Ebo ni won ni ko waa se

Ifa ma fi mi seru enikan

Eeyan to lowo kii seru enikookan


Ose is he who cuts wood in the forest

Olobara is he who twist the rope in the savanna

Ifa’s message for Moja

Who was enslaved by Alake

He was advised to offer ebo

He complied

Ifa, please don’t make me a slave of anyone

Whoever is financially stable cannot be enslaved by anybody

6.Ifa says that all devotees, especially leaders, among them need to offer ebo against enemies and uprisings. Ifa says that this person needs to offer ebo with one matured he-goat and money. At the same time Ifa urges these leaders to propitiate their ancestors the Oro style with one matured ram. Ifa explains that the type of crises of conspiracy, opposition and uprising being faced by these devotees had earlier been faced by their ancestors until they died. These ancestors will now give them all the necessary support in order to give a resounding victory. On this, Ifa says:

Igbo nla mumo ni mu’ri

Okunkun mu ni morun eni

Dia fun Omumuyeye

Ti nbe nirangun ota

Ebo ni won ni ko se

Omumuyeye iyee

Baba wa rorun koi bo


A thick forest consumes a child completely

And the darkness also consumes one totally

Ifa’s message for Omumuyeye

When in the midst of enemies

He was advised to offer ebo

He complied

Omumuyeye iyee!

Our father has gone to heaven and yet to return

7.Ifa says that devotees shall sparkle this year. They will hold vantage positions that will make them the envy of others. Ifa urges all devotees to be pure in their thoughts, speeches and actions. Ifa says that the purer they are, the more recognition they will get. Ifa however warns that they need to be careful with the negative designs of envious and jealous people. There is the need to offer ebo in order to prevent their white garment being soiled by those who are jealous of their achievements in life. Ifa advises each person to offer ebo with three roosters, three hens, three bar soaps and money. On this, Ifa says:

Ose bara

Awo Aso funfun lo dia fun Aso funfun

To nlo sode eye

Eyi ti yoo ba won keye bo wa ‘nu ile

E waa se tan

Ni won ni o dori aso funfun

Gbogbo isowo Ope

Eni gbebo nibe ko sebo

Gbogbo isowo Ope


Ose bara, the Awo of Aso funfun, white garment

Cast Ifa for Aso funfun, white garment

When going on an outing of prestige and honour

And who will return with honour and prestige to his home

After this was done

They now vowed to go after the white garment

All Ifa devotees

Let those advised to offer ebo comply accordingly

8.Ifa promises that two great ire shall be awaiting all Ifa devotees this year. Ifa however warns these devotees against being avaricious in order not to miss this ire. Ifa also warns against indecision at the right time. Ifa says that avarice and indecision can make devotees to lose their opportunities. Ifa advises each devotee to offer ebo with two roosters and money. There is also the need to feed Esu Odara with one rooster. On this, Ifa says:

Gbedo gbedo kan o gbe koto

Dia fun Ose

Tii somo won lode Ilogbo

Aroleke kan o ro baba

Dia fun Obara

Tii somo won lode Ilogbo

Esinsin nii ji nii fowo rawo ibeje-ibeje

Dia fun Alabahun Ajapa

Tii sore Obara

Ebo ni won o waa se

Ose p’erin si Ilogbo

Olobara p’agbo ni Ilogbo

Nje ona s’alabahun deji

Ewo ni n ba lo


No mortar carver can carve a calabash pot

Ifa’s message for Ose

Their offspring in Ilogbo Land

No bead maker can fashion a guinea corn

Ifa’s message for Obara

Their offspring in Ilogbo land

The housefly is it that wakes up and rubs its hand gingerly together

Ifa’s message for Alabahun Ajapa, the tortoise

Who was the friend of Obara

He was advised to offer ebo

Ose killed an elephant in the forest in Ilogbo

And Olobara killed a big ram in Ilogbo

Indecision turned the road into two for Alabahun

Which way would I take out of the two

9.Ifa warns all devotees all against infidelity and extra-marital affairs. Ifa warns that this may lead to embarrassments, disaster and even untimely deaths. Loyalty to ones loved ones must be taken seriously this year and all times. Ifa advises each devotee to offer ebo with one mature bearded he-goat. On this, Ifa says:

Sa’yi rodorodo fe

Sa’yi rodorodo fe

Dia fun Esinsin

Ti n sale osan

Ebo ni won ni ko waa se

Iworo sope

Eni gbebo nibe ko sebo


Make love to the beautiful dark skin ones

And make love to the pretty fair skinned ones

Ifa’s message to Esinsin, the housefly

When going to be the secret lover of a star mango

He was advised to offer ebo

All devotees of Ifa!

Whoever is advised to offer ebo should comply

10.Ifa says that there are some Irunmole/Orisa devotees who had benefited greatly from Ifa/Orisa. Unfortunately however, they are the same people complaining more than anyone else that Ifa had not favoured them the way they would have expected. Ifa says that this year, many of them will abandon Ifa/Orisa in order to go and embrace other faith. Ifa says that nobody needs to persuade these people against taking such decision. Ifa says that all the ire that they want in life is in the hands of Ifa/Orisa. Abandoning Ifa/Orisa means moving away from all their ire in life. Ifa advises whoever is contemplating such to offer ebo with three pigeons, three hens, three roosters, and money. They also need to feed Ifa with one matured pig. On this, Ifa says:

Elegbo ni o sanwo omi

Agbalagba ni o di’yo eepe

Agba to diyo eepe ni yoo gbowo okuta

Dia fun won niluu Ede

Nibi won lawon o nii sin Ikin mo

Ebo ni won ni o waa se

Eyin ara ilu ede ti e leyin o sin ‘kin mo

Abuku araa yin lo wa


Mashed corn seller does not dip her hand inside water

An elder does not sell sand

An elder who sells sand as salt will be paid with stone

Ifa’s message for the inhabitants of Ede land

Where they had decided not to worship Ifa anymore

They were advised to offer ebo

They refused

And everything went wrong for them

You, inhabitants of Ede land who declared that you will no longer

serve Ifa

The disgrace and embarrassment are all yours

Affiliated Irunmole/Orisa

1.Ifa for support

2.Ori for elevation and support

3.Esu Odara for protection

4.All other known Irunmole/Orisa

5.Egungun for ancestral support

6.Oro for ancestral support

Taboos of Ose Obara For The Year

1.Must not be avaricious – to avoid unconsummated fortune

2.Must not practice infidelity or extra marital affair – to avoid disaster or untimely death

3.Must not be too loose with one’s tongue – to avoid financial problem and business failure

4.Must not consume roasted corn – to avoid unconsummated fortune

5.Must not abandon Ifa/Orisa for any other religion – to avoid disgrace and embarrassment

6.Must not cheat or enslave others – to avoid incurring the wrath of the divinities

Aboru Aboye.

Solagbade Popoola

Chairman, Ethics and Scripture Committee

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