Ita Ifa’Orisa ‘Anago’

Ita Ifa’Orisa ‘Anago’


Olodumare proclaimed the creative word must live upon the earth….that a child must walk, but first, it must crawl. Then the creation of the land of Irunmale; a place where the day dawns and the cock rings the sacred bell of dawn. Sacred Ota that fills the hearts of African sons and daughters hold deep yearnings for pilgrimage and strive to behold the cradle of their origins. Home of two hundred and one Irunmale, “Aoole Oduduwa”, King of all Kings whose homeland is Ile Ife Oodaiye and Ife Ooyelagbo

Esu Odara, Iba a se.
Iba Ikorita Meta Ipade Orun
Iba Origun Mereerin Aiye
Iba Orunmila Baba Agbonmiregun

Orunmila, father of all mysteries, knower of today and tomorrow, may Araba and his acolytes echo the sacred Oracle of Iyere Ifa. We honor and praise the holy words of Ifa in sacred gongs and drums that echo our genesis and liturgy from the sacred Odu Oracle. Let us hear the voice of Ofun…Ogbe.. Oyeku…







Gather the hem of our garments and step to the praise of Orunmila!

We, the children of Oduduwa

Our veritable relics are no mere mute pages of a forgotten chronicle of an ancient people bought to life by the memories of our ancient past. There was and is Ooyelagbo, the land of milk and honey. The sacred land upon whose surface the familiars of the African race descended from the sacred Ora hills amidst the clamor that shook the ancient world!

Disobedience is the way of the world, since no Irunmale would be necessary if there were nothing to be cleansed. Hence, the coming of Oduduwa, the Sage whose global eyes shower His divine majestic splendor at Igbo Idio.

What is the ‘Anago’ path of Ifa’Orisa?
ANAGO is the path of Ifa’Orisha that seeks the original and most sacred truth verified by the sacred Odu, undaunted by historical circumstance and devoid of synchanized design and alteration. A path for the orthodoxed seeker of Iwa Pele most of whom are African descendants, the word Anago has a number of historical references. According to Dr. Olatunji Ayanrombi, PhD, it’s literal meaning refers to those ancient Yoruba who, when removed from their indigenous homeland, steadfastly hold on to the traditions, customs, and ethics of their ancestors. Some call them ‘Nago’. During African transAtlantic enslavement era, academia documents that the Nago refused to injest the ways of foreigners and subtly kept them at bay. As time went by, enslaved Africans from other ethnic groups joined the ‘Anago’ as the religion of Ifa’Orisha gradually eclisped other ethnic traditions. The ‘un-syncretized’ paths, sometimes referred to as Yoruba religion, Orunmilaism, Ifaism, etc., of present day Ifa’Orisha traditions preserved during these times and resurrected in America by Africans are now known as Anago.

Since the early 1950′s, a steady stream of African (Americans) have joined the ranks of Ifa’Orisha worshipers throughout the western hemisphere. The religious experience of most Africans in America who have joined the Ifa movement within the past 30 years is flavored with the ‘Protestant’ path of Christianity, as opposed to previous groups from Hispanic origins who brought the ‘catholic’ path of Christianity and synchronized it into Santeria and Candomble. These Africans are more prone to resurrecting the more conservative and orthodoxed forms of Ifa’Orisha worship as practiced in ancient Yorubaland, thus the resurgence of Anago path! Further, many Africans are making their African pilgrimage to Yorubaland and receiving long overdue rituals, while others seek out the people of ‘Anago’ who live in America.

IyaL’Orisa Yeye OlaOshun OladeKoju Lakesi
Egbe Mimo Anago Ile Oshun

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