About Us

Roots and Rooted is for those devotees, priests, spiritual seekers and academics that are interested in Traditional African (Afrikan) Religion. This site is about spiritual empowerment and evolution, political and social justice, cultural reorientation and respect for tradition and history.

For those that love Traditional African Religion!

Roots and Rooted borrows its moniker from a poem of the same name, which was written by the webmaster. The site began around 1998 and functions as a one-stop web portal that focuses primarily on Yoruba Orisa’Ifa concepts, but advocates strongly for communication and collaboration among all African indigenous spiritual faiths. This site is decidedly Africentric in nature, but has always appealed and supported interests outside of the African community. We are especially proud of the lasting bonds that have been forged between African and Indigenous/Native American/Latinos, through the existence of this site. We hope that others take note and duplicate those efforts.

All of us seek our roots. Western society leaves all disconnected as it encourages us to place our trust in material goods and ways of living that were engineered by marketing firms. More and more people of all ethnicity are turning to Africa to find the solace, focus and regeneration that they need in life. We are proud to be around for so long and more proud to have helped so many people connect to spiritual houses, genuine resources and new friendships.

May the African divinity that governs your life bring you enlightenment and balance.

This site is facilitated by Olokuntogun Ifasehun Ojedele. He has been an Orisa devotee since 1990. He received his consecrated Ile’Run and various “Warriors” between 1995-2000.  He was initiated into the Priesthood of Olokun in June 2004. His rare induction into the rites of the “Owner of the Sea” has been validated by Priests in multiple lineages.

From time to time a volunteer will help some aspect of programming or article selection.

Over the years other Priests, devotees, PhD candidates and journalists have provided original articles and/or given permission to reprint select material. We are forever grateful for their help.

Media Requests  And Ways to Get Sued.
Roots and Rooted does not give interviews. We do not grant requests to reprint or quote our site in any form or fashion. Communications with us, including emails, phone conversations and letters are protected by federal and international privacy law. If you don’t believe us – try us. We will sue you and we will win.

If you’re interested in interviewing someone else we will be happy to ask around and see if anyone cares to be involved in your projects. Send us the Topic, Name and Format (magazine, film, book etc.) of your media project and the KIND of individual you’d like to interview (priest, devotee, elder, etc.). We can make no guarantees, except that if you quote or reprint a portion of this site in lieu of finding a suitable alternative, we will sue you. (Yes, we said it twice. Hopefully you get the message.)