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What do we know of Esu? / Is Esu the Bad Guy?

"Eshu ni yo o tun tiwon she.
E duro , e ki Eshu"

Eshu will look out for their goodness.
Stop and greet Eshu!!

What do we know of Esu?
We know Esu as the administrator of Ase. He is the gliche in the plan, the detail we did not consider. He is the good samaritan that aids us when we have exhausted all our means and given up all hope. Esu is potential; the amount that you have, the portion that you need and the collector of that which you lose. Through Him we succeed or fail. He will crush us when we are too haughty, lift us up when we are humble to a fault. He offers us all the options. Which will you choose? He will trick you into thinking that he is not concerned with morality, that he is cruel and without scruples. He is showing you a reflection of yourself!

Eshu Laroye

Esu reminds us that life requires consciousness. Look aware! He will remind you to be flexible, or more rigid. These are not contradictions. This is the essence of success. This is what makes a bitter man without enlightment blame Esu for his own lack of growth.

Esu is also love. He sees you struggling with choices. He hopes that you makes the right ones. Who said you can't ask for advice? With Esu, we are never alone. With Esu, we are never without a teacher. With Esu, we always have a bodyguard. Ase!

Is Esu the Bad Guy?
You get what you put in..A person filled with fear must contend with fear throughout their life. A man that is not bound by morals will be dealt with in the same manner. A child that is hard headed will be given his life lessons accordingly.

"Character is what we do when no one is watching." But, the Orisa are always watching. Esu is watching!

Esu will teach us, aid us, tempt us in a manner that is consistent with our behavior. It does not denote a lack of love or pity. Esu perhaps more than others would say that life is not fair or unfair, but rather life is about balance. Esu evens out the playing field. Evens the score. Checks you, puts you in your place. Allows you to see your potential, as well as how you so stupidly ruin it on a daily basis.

His desire is to see you grow. Those "setbacks" as the complainer would label them, are opportunities! It is not about fair. Is Esu to reward you for nothing done, nothing accomplished?

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