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Unofficial History of Ra Un Nefer Amen I and Ausar Auset Society International


Ra Un Nefer


Metu Neter Vol. 2: Anuk Ausar, The Kamitic Initiation SystemRa un Nefer Amen is Chief Priest of the Ausar Auset Society which is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York and has chapters in nearly every major city throughout the U.S. and several cities internationally. In 1985, his excellency Ra Un Nefer Amen I was enstooled as a Paramount King (Omanhene) and co-ruler of the Agogo state in Ghana, West Africa by Agogohene Nana Kwame Akuoko Sarpong. Also presented to him was the Epoh Stool, indicating his role as a leader of the Ashanti region of Ghana, West Africa.

Metu Neter Vol. 1: The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual CultivationPerhaps the only progenitor of Kemetic/Egyptian spirituality that is recognized on the continent of Africa as genuine and properly sanctioned by Kemetic ancestry, Ausar Auset Society has gown primarily due to its teachings of holistic heath, which include vegetarianism and Amen's books on spirituality, Metu Neter Vol. 1 & 2. According to the Society, Nile Valley Mall, Inc., operated the first health food stores in America to sell homeopathic remedies, beginning in 1979 and introduced contemporaries to Echinacea.

The Ausar Auset Society is a Pan African Religious organization founded in 1973. As Legend would have it, Ra Un Nefer Amen developed a congenial relationship with Oba Adefunmi and began to consult the Ifa Oracle through the Oba for the purpose of organizing the spiritual experiences and messages he was clearly receiving from the Spiritual realm. Those consultations shaped some early organizational structure and comparative religious studies that resulted in the Society. Again, as legend would have it, a small group of Orisa priests (Ol'Orisa) were beseeched by Kemetic Sheps (Ancestors) to assist Amen in the establishment of what most consider the only legitimate revival of Egyptian spirituality outside of the relatively underground Nubian community that survives in North Africa. They helped develop and train the core group of original Society priests. Prior to this tradition, some say that Ra Un Nefer Maat the 11 laws of GodAmen was the former head of the Rosicrucian Anthroposophical League.

Amen is preferably referred to as Shekem Ur Shekem (King of Kings) or Ashem Ur Ashem (Chief Priest of Priest), both are traditional titles give to King-Priest in ancient Kemetic cultures. He was raised in San Miguel, Panama but later moved to the U.S. where he studied classical music and became an accomplished pianist and composer. He later passed on a life in the music industry to focus on more spiritual and culturally fulfilling endeavors.


Photos of Ra Un Nefer Amen
Ra Un Nefer AmenRa Un Nefer Amen
Ra Un Nefer AmenRa Un Nefer Amen


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NOTE: This site is not owned by Ausar Auset Society. Please direct all inquiries about temples, divination consultations and study groups to one of the sites listed above. We are merely providing an UNOFFICIAL biography of Ra Un Nefer Amen and the AAS, as tribute. This information was compiled from various stories and accounts from members of the ATR community, and may differ from other accounts. Again, foward all your questions directly to a priest or member of AAS.


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